First Time Home Buyer

A first time homebuyer needs the support and guidance of a seasoned loan consultant that is ready and willing to assist them every step of the way. I offer each first time home buyer personalized attention in order to build trust and confidence.


Steve Herndon is a senior loan consultant that strives for high customer satisfaction and will do everything to present their services with a personal touch. By focusing on the local community, Steve can offer Sonoma, Marin and Lake County and all California residents the financing opportunities that they are looking for, the best home loan with the best interest rate!


Every first time homebuyer can rest assured knowing that they are in good hands after obtaining the invaluable services from Steve Herndon, his support staff and professional referral partners.


    * I personally handled every mortgage loan in-house from beginning to end.

    * I understand that a first time homebuyer may lead a busy life, so they are willing to meet
on a client’s terms and availability by offering in-home evening and weekend appointments.

    * When a client contacts me, they will receive an update from a live person and not from a automated service, which allows the company to stand apart from the competition.


By working with me, clients have the ability to lock-in rates upfront without having to wait on paperwork processing, making it easier to know the actual cost their financing package.


A first time homebuyer will be able to work with a seasoned support team that understands their needs and will work hard to get what the client wants. From the moment that a client begins an application, a l will take the time to explain the entire process including all associated fees in an open and honest manner. In addition, I will let a first time home owner know about special rates and programs that may be available to them. Keeping a first time home buyer well informed is the main focus.


I can also assist current homeowners to find refinancing for their main residence or get financing for a second home or rental property. I am proud to be of assistance to every individual, so that an applicant can get the loan that fits his or her situation.


By avoiding big bank lenders, a first time home owner can have a quick and painless loan process. Using the right financing company makes it easier for a first time homebuyer to acquire the house of their dreams without any undue stress or frustration. If you need to find financing options for your next home loan, then you should contact me today for more information.