Get Pre-Approved Before you List


Deciding to sell your home can be an exciting, albeit stressful, time.  One way to take some of the pressure off is to get pre-approved for your next home purchase before you list.  Why would this take the pressure off?  Let’s explore the options this opens up for you: You know exactly what you can afford.  Knowing what […]

USDA Loan When “Home” Is Outside the City Limits


        USDA loans are government insured loans for purchasing rural property outside of major metropolitan areas. USDA loans are serviced by direct lenders that meet federal guidelines. USDA loans offer unique benefits, including no down payment requirements for buyers. Not Just for Farmland If you live outside of a major metropolitan area, […]

VA Loans – A Superior Program to Recognize Our Heroes


A VA loan is insured by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and issued by VA approved lenders. This government guaranteed loan encourages these approved lenders to lend with more flexible and lenient qualifying guidelines. VA loans offer unmatched benefits to our heroes; the veterans, active duty, and surviving spouses. 100% Financing available* No mortgage […]

Could recent changes to credit scoring help you qualify for a home loan?

Your credit score is a major factor in determining whether you can qualify to purchase or refinance your home. But your score could be changing. Recent changes in credit reporting by the major reporting companies are causing a credit score jump that may affect you.   Why is the Credit Score Increase Happening? As of April 16, […]

What Credit Score is Needed to Buy a House

One of the most important factors which determines your home loan qualifications and rate is your credit score. If you are at the beginning of the home buying process, it’s important to understand how your credit score can impact your ability to get a mortgage loan, as well as the interest rates you may be […]

How Your Credit Score is Calculated

Credit Score

You’ve heard about credit scores and know that they are considered important, but why should you care about your credit score? Your credit score is looked at for multiple reasons – sometimes by employers, landlords, your bank, but also anytime you apply for a loan, including a home loan. Understanding credit scores and how they’re […]